Friday, February 1, 2008

We've got spirit, yes we do...

Today was the annual spirit assembly at the School where I coach. My cheerleaders were heavily involved in planning the activities that filled up spirit week and today is when the week climaxed and the showdown between classes was decided. In a huge "upset" the juniors won, which is unprecedented. The seniors always win, and it was fun to see the juniors react, all decked out in green, when their class was dubbed the most spirited.

Today encompassed a trend I've been continually impressed by at this School. The School is made up of a very ethnically diverse student body. The sports teams don't often win, and the academics aren't the most superior. But the school has an impressive amount of spirit. I won't go so far as to say this is the most spirited student body I've seen or heard about, but what I will say is that the factors usually influencing the growth and development of school spirit are absent at this School, but the kids are still proud to sport the green and gold, still willing to stand when their student body president enters an assembly, and still eager to participate in class games and competitions. It's impressive.


aCloud said...

Aw, I miss Spirit Week. Fun times. Reminds me of the spirit weeks we used to plan back in the day.

lori said...

fun. Probably a busy week for you!!

Just popping in to say hi and I love you! Hope all is well!