Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It was time

My hair was getting too long, unhealthy, and just plain unmanageable...So I did the only logical thing. I got rid of it!

I'm thrilled with the change, as drastic as it might be. But I've been frustrated that everyone's response has been, "Did you dye your hair?" Cut ten inches off your hair and no one says a thing, but go two shades darker and everyone's calling the news.

Good News!

This never seems to get old. :) Congrats Ash and Nic!

The End is Near

I know these are the blurriest pictures ever. I apologize.

So as many of you know, basketball season at the high school is insane. Well, the girls team just finished up their regular season and the boys are only a week away. At the last home game of the season, the seniors on the team are recognized at senior night. I thought it was really nice that this year the girls basketball team recognized the senior cheerleaders at their senior night. To make things even better, they gave me flowers too! It was so sweet.

Growing Rosebud

I can't believe how fast she's growing. She's lovely, lovable, and oh-so-loved. :) Sound redundant? Just look at the sweet thing. Can you adequately describe how much you want to kiss those cheeks or hold those hands? I didn't think so. So cut me some slack!

She's amazing. Jen should consider herself lucky that they don't have a spare bedroom in the house, because I would have commandeered it in a heartbeat just to spend more time with her.

I know, I know...

So I've been out for awhile. I promise my absence from blogging isn't permanent. I'm just not around the internet nearly as often as I'd like lately. But while I'm here, I'll get together some posts to update you on my life...