Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Weekend

I'm writing today not because I have anything spectacular to update you on, but simply because it's been awhile. I guess to start off with, I'll say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to my older sister, Ashley.

I had a good holiday weekend, beginning with Friday night at the State Wrestling Tournament. I would have been pleased with any result, simply because my brother, Matt, had wrestled so well this season. But we were ecstatic when he came out of the tournament with another State Championship. I'm so proud of you, Matt!

On Saturday, I worked for a few hours in the morning then spent the rest of the day working on the talk I gave that night at Stake Conference. It was my first time speaking in more than a year and a half and my first time ever speaking at a Stake Conference. It was nerve-racking to say the least.

Sunday yielded a great session of Stake Conference, a well-deserved nap, and a delicious family dinner all topped with a showing of Pride and Prejudice at my brother-in-law's parents' house. I think I might still like the 2005 version the best, but I can't say for sure because Colin Firth really did such a great job as Mr. Darcy!

Last night we had fun and games out at Jen's house. I had a crappy showing in Catan but kicked some serious butt in Mafia.

Okay, I'm having way too much fun with the links today, so I'll call it quits.

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Jen said...

That pic is you guys goofing around for Riley's baptism...