Saturday, February 9, 2008

Fun Fridays

My Fridays are so fabulous because I only have one class in the morning and then nothing until (usually) I head to the high school for basketball games. Yesterday was no different except on the way to the school I stopped at Walmart. It was the last home boys' basketball game and the cheerleaders were in charge of recognizing the senior players. Well, my captain's mom had already offered to help out by getting a little treat together for the boys, bless her heart, so I just wanted to grab something to surprise my senior cheerleaders by recognizing them as well. I had planned on a cheap flower, but the smallest bouquet was $9.98 or something, and while I'm sure that's a good price, I have four seniors on the squad and didn't really have $40 to spare. So I was debating what to do when I saw a display of Valentine's plants. They had these potted mini roses for just $4! And I'm SUCH a fan of potted plants over cut bouquets. They looked just like the picture above only with plain red packaging.

It was nice to recognize the players and the girls, and my sister and her husband were able to make it to the game as well, which made it infinitely more enjoyable. Unfortunately, we lost by 1 with just seconds left in overtime to the only school I loathe as much as the U of U :) Ah well. It was still fun. After the game, Sister #3, her husband, and I went to Sister #1's house, whose husband is gone on a scout camping trip. We played Settlers of Catan which is a new game I love and I ended up spending the night. Waking up to my niece and nephews jumping on my bed is always a plus and it set the tone for what I hope will be a great Saturday. Enjoy your weekend!


aCloud said...

Oh I am curious as to which team that might be...

Wendy said...

I think you know exactly who that team is :)