Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Incorrect Cliches

I've learned something. Time doesn't just fly when you're having fun. Time just flies. The older I get the more I realize this, and I'm still (hopefully) young in comparison to my life as a whole. So what--when I'm 80 every day I wake up a year will have passed by? It was about 11 months ago that the principal at the school where I coach called and offered me the job as head coach. That was 2 sets of roommates ago. That was when my little sister was getting engaged (and she's now happily married for 5 months). That was months before the return of a missionary and a broken heart, months before a life-changing internship in Pennsylvania, months before my best college friend would get engaged (who has now been married for 4 months)...and here I am a year later and I really can't believe that an entire year has passed.

On Sunday we had a Relief Society lesson about procrastination. I might just be the worst procrastinator on the planet. I needed the lesson, and I knew that, but it didn't have any immediate effect on me. But as this realization continues to pour over me that time will only continue to speed up, I'm understanding how essential it is to break my habit of procrastination. They say that procrastination is the thief of time, and if time is already running away on its own, should I really encourage some third party to take away what time I do have?

So no more sleeping in, no more homework the day it's due, and no more putting off for tomorrow what can be done today. Okay, I'm a little zealous right now, and in actuality my resolve should probably read as follows: less sleeping in, less homework the day it's due, and less putting off for tomorrow what can be done today. :)

I'll let you know how it goes...

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Jen said...

Awesome self assessment. I hate doing things last minute, so I don't really fight it in the same way, but I can attest to the peace that comes with early preparation.