Monday, February 11, 2008

In this Very Room

Yesterday's Sacrament Meeting was INCREDIBLE. We had the Special Needs Mutual come to our ward and present the program. I was watching these kids in awe and thinking how neat it must be to work with them as advisors because you know that each one of them will be going to the Celestial Kingdom. Right as I had that thought, they stood and sang the song "In this Very Room" and the spirit was just incredible. It set the tone for my whole Sunday.

While I was at church, I was texting my oldest sister. My niece had been pretty sick and she was going to the doctor. I love my niece and would do anything for her, so when my sister mentioned that she kept asking for yogurt but they didn't have any (and, being Sunday, my sister didn't really want to go to the store), I ran home and grabbed the yogurt we had in the fridge and took it out to my sick, but still adorable, niece. She ate her yogurt and then she and I "snuggled" and watched Sleeping Beauty. Believe it or not, I had never watched that show in its entirety. I really liked it though; no wonder it's a classic.

I guess the climax of my day came from my little brother. As some background information...he's obsessed with dalmations. He recently decided that when he's older, he's going to breed them. Because of his increasing interest, he started looking at dalmations online to see how much they sell for and such. In his searching, he came across Bella. He had mentioned her to me a few days ago, and I told him he might as well ask our mom and dad if we could get her. So...he did. And my mom said to go look at her. I don't like dogs and wasn't thrilled about adding another one to the family, but my brother talked me into driving to Riverton to look at her. I'll admit, I had a bad attitude about going, but as soon as we walked inside and I saw Bella, I fell in love with her. She's cute and energetic, and all morning I keep thinking about her and I surprise myself by feeling really excited that she could be joining our family. Who knows if Mom and Dad would actually let us go through with it or if the owners will let us have her, but I think I'd be really happy if they did.

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Jen said...

Wow, really? I never thought he was serious about it. He always seems to have a new idea in his head LOL.

Thanks for the yogurt.

And I loved that same sacrament meeting they did for us last year. That song is great.