Thursday, January 31, 2013


This month has been crazy, this month has been fun,
Never dull or boring, and it's almost all done.
I started the New Year with a traditional meal.
(Pork, sauerkraut and hot dogs can make you feel
A little bit woozy, but so can the flu.
Oh yeah, I should mention, I suffered through that, too.)
My birthday came next with 3 separate parties
Friends, family, and cake? Why, of course. Yes, please! 
Then stranded in Utah, trapped in by the snow,
The weather not caring I had places to go. 

When I finally returned to the lonely Midwest 
A new semester had started, and it's been quite the test. 
Frequent twelve hour days, weather windy and cool,
But I love what I'm doing, gaining knowledge and tools. 

That's life, in a nutshell: work, school...and my dog
 And I promise next month I'll write more on my blog!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Seven years later

 Seven and a half years ago I met six incredible friends as an RA in the dorms at BYU. +Nicole Murray +Sophie Hill +Mallory Eagar +Beth I +Rosalee Dougal and +Lori Truman contributed to some of my fondest memories of college. We did silly things like rig up pulley systems between the seven floors of our building to send notes about 24 (the TV show) or stuff a large bean bag chair into an elevator and ride the floors saying hi to our residents.

 I was fortunate enough to meet up with these long-lost friends on Sunday in a reunion of sorts. Lori was unable to attend with a sick little girl, and we had to Skype Beth. But it was incredible to see everyone again and see how, despite added spouses and children, some things hadn't changed.

I love that as you move through life there are friendships that remain natural and comfortable. I was amazed at how easily we fell back into conversations, joking and laughing to the point that my cheeks ached. I hear myself sounding old as I realize that there are few things in life I cherish more than true friendship.