Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wendy's Dictionary

Everyone has their best friends--the people they hang out with, text, or talk to on a somewhat regular basis. But I think everyone also has real friends. You know what I consider a real friend?

-When you text someone you haven't seen in 4 years and they agree to judge your squad's cheerleading tryouts
-Getting a call months after a silly spat because someone had a question they knew you'd know the answer to
-Finding a note from 10th grade in the bottom of your closet and laughing because you still remember what boy it's discussing, even though no name was mentioned
-Running into your freshman RA at the bookstore and making plans for a graduation BBQ
-People that make an effort to read your blog so they're up-to-date on your life.
-When you know someone's been thinking about you because they show up with a dr. pepper in hand

Thanks, guys. You're great.


Nicole said...

Yes! I feel like a real friend when I make the blog pages. It was seriously great to see you today, even if it was only for a few seconds. I love you Wendy.

Adiel said...

Love you Wen!