Wednesday, March 30, 2011

...just a little bit of pixie dust...

Yesterday my oldest niece turned 6. Can you believe it? To celebrate, this weekend we went to dinner at Brick Oven in Provo. Despite a super weird server, it was an awesome night! We met up with Jess and her family for dinner. We were all very surprised when the hostess brought a box back to our table and asked for our niece by name. Inside the box was a note from Tinker Bell, if you can believe it! What was more incredible was that the note included a map to Neverland. So of course, we had to follow the directions for a chance to see Tinker Bell in person. We left dinner and headed out for an adventure. The map took us to Center Street in Provo at the Covey Center. Inside there just happened to be tickets under my name to see Utah Regional Ballet perform Peter Pan. We had such a fun time!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Pioneers of Africa

As you know, I'm in a Modern Africa class at BYU. Yesterday's class focused on the Church in Africa. You probably also know that my baby brother is currently serving in Angola (part of the Mozambique mission), so I had a feeling that the topic would be one to which I'd feel a connection. But I wasn't really prepared for what an emotional and uplifting experience I would have. We watched the film Pioneers of Africa, which took up most of the class period, and then we just discussed our thoughts for the last 15 minutes of class. I will not apologize for what I say next: Yesterday strengthened my testimony that BYU is the Lord's university. No, I do not mean that makes our sports teams succeed or sets BYU students above anyone else. What I do mean is that BYU was established for a very specific purpose: "To assist individuals in their quest for perfection and eternal life." The aims of a BYU education are to be spiritually strengthening, intellectually enlarging, character building, leading to lifelong learning and service. How grateful I am that I've had the chance to take part in that sort of an education, and how badly I wish I would have taken greater advantage of my time there. I have less than a month left at BYU, and I know I will miss it. I will miss the chance to so openly discuss spiritual topics in a secular setting. I will miss knowing that the person sitting next to me in class holds more or less the same beliefs I do. But I'm also excited to take this unique education and apply it elsewhere. We don't need a BYU professor to allow us to build our testimonies of God through learning and study. We have been taught that the Holy Ghost will teach us the truth of all things. That means each of us can grow closer to our Father in Heaven by enriching our lives through knowledge and learning. So I challenge you each to do that. Whether you're in school or not, make a goal to learn something new, to better yourself.

Specifically, the discussion in our class highlighted the stark contrast between the dark, oppressive history of colonialism in Africa that we have spent the semester learning about and the brightness of hope that the Gospel brought to saints in Africa. The most interesting thing was realizing that one could not have happened without the other. Without colonialism, Europeans would never have sent Christian missionaries to Africa. Without exposure to Christian beliefs, Africans would not have been prepared to hear the Gospel. It reemphasized for me that trials are brought about for our own good. It's hard to remember, but it's so nice to know that the Lord only gives us struggles in order to prepare us for something greater.

How refreshing to see the big picture once in awhile :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I'm not a fan of bird mascots or royal blue. I'm more about navy and large cats. Yet I think I might be okay as a Bluejay.

My whole life I've pictured myself living in some big city on the East coast. I ignore the fact that the mid-West even exists. Yet I'm having fun looking for apartments in Omaha.

I think I want to go to Creighton, but as I told my dad yesterday, I don't know why I feel that way. What I do know is I almost just bought these pants:

And then I remembered I don't have any money :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

My silly sister

You might have seen the result of Jen's talent in creativity a time or two on her blog. I admire her abilities. I even make use of them for myself. (Remember the cute owl pillows that I love on my bed?) She shared this idea with all of us sisters (click on the picture below for the explanation), and I thought--How cool! I love that tote and Jenny is totally capable of making it look just as good. 

Then I re-read her email. She wants us each to get together and MAKE OUR OWN. That's a joke, right?

I'm glad that this motivated me to donate to the relief efforts in Japan, but I think Jen is smoking something if she thinks we're gonna get together and I'm going to sew a tote that will be passable to be used in public.

Should be interesting...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Law School Updates

I got tired of writing posts about being wait listed, so from now on I'll just post updates on the side of my blog.

Over there ---->

Thursday, March 10, 2011


There's a lot of ugliness out there. More than I ever cared to see. For the last two weeks I've been covering the Protective Orders department at the court, and I have heard and read things that I wish I never had. I continue to realize, with increased frequency, what a sheltered life I've led. My naivety had convinced me that most people are good, but lately I've been wondering. There seems to be no end to the shattered homes, dysfunctional relationships, and endangered children. I continually hear stories that seem hard to believe, because they don't fit into my mental framework of how life is or should be. I have always known what it felt like to be loved. I have always felt safe. I have always felt cared about. But not everyone has that luxury.

Some people are in desperate need of someone else's watchful care. I am grateful for the testimony I have that when hate seems the natural course, there is Someone there to teach us love. When all seems lost, there is Hope. When we feel alone, He is there. This whole area of thought, combined with the real prospect of law school I now see before me, has me questioning my view of the law. I've often sided with the accused, because my dad taught me well that everyone, no matter their actions--assumed or actual, is entitled to the protections afforded by the Constitution. However, my dad made the comment, relatively recently, that I "don't want" to do criminal defense. I was confused why he'd say that. I've always talked about doing defense. Then he said I "couldn't handle" it. I was offended. He didn't think I was capable? Finally he said to me that I get too emotionally involved. I wouldn't deal well when a client was sentenced to prison. He said I should think about working with the Guardian ad Litem. I scoffed, saying I had no interest in domestic law.

But lately I've been thinking... My dad is wise. He knows me and my personality. And I have seen with my own eyes the sad truth that there are far too many children out there whose voices are not heard. So I don't know. I mean, I know I should probably start law school before I start making up my mind about such things. But I feel better knowing I have a more open mind than I once did.

Something to think about. I know I will.

(yes, Adiel and Ashley, that was intentional. Lightens the mood, don't you think?)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Accepted: Creighton University

Hey, in 2008 it was the country's 3rd most Mormon Friendly Law School. It may have slipped since then, but the Dean included a hand-written note on my acceptance letter, indicating they have 3 faculty and many students from Utah, ready made friends for me. That's something to consider.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Wait Listed: Georgia State University

Why do I have a feeling the next two months are going to feel very long?

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Georgia State is ranked higher than Penn State. So I'm thinking I can probably expect a lot more of these emails...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wake up!

This morning I finished getting ready and realized I had some time before I had to be at work, so I laid down on the couch to take a quick nap. Next thing I knew, something was being pushed against my arm. I opened my eyes to see a small tennis ball by my elbow and Zipsie waiting patiently next to me. Apparently she doesn't understand that closed eyes do not indicate playtime...