Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Trial Team Regionals

This weekend I participated in my tenth law school competition! It shouldn't surprise you that extra-curricular activities have been the most enjoyable aspects of my law school experience, but this weekend was particularly great.

We drove up to Minneapolis for our regional TYLA competition. Just outside the city, we saw flashing lights behind us. After one of the cops opened up the van door to talk to some of us in the back (and not so subtly look around) we finished up the drive with a lively discussion about whether or not our Fourth Amendment rights had just been violated.
Thursday was our first preliminary round, and we were set to present our Plaintiff case, which is the side I'm not on. So I enjoyed rocking jeans and providing emotional encouragement and silent cheerleading.

The second team from Creighton competed in the second flight that night, so our team enjoyed dinner with just the three of us.

Friday night was my turn to compete in the preliminaries. 
Here we are brainstorming possible theme changes just hours before our round
After competition, we went out to a late dinner. We were sitting here when we got word that our team advanced to the semifinals.
Perhaps the greatest part of the weekend was not learning that we advanced but having my mom and dad walk into the room before the semi-final round started. They happened to be in Minneapolis for the weekend because Penn State was wrestling there on Sunday.
Even more wonderful, I was sitting with my mom and dad when we found out we won the semifinals as well as the finals!
We hit the road, champions. We stopped in The Middle of Nowhere, Minnesota for a celebratory dinner that, of course, included dessert!