Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday Pain

And that's about how it happened.

This morning, Adiel and I were at the high school choreographing. We decided to run through what we'd come up with so far. I wasn't even doing the routine full-out, and at one point you simply bend down a little bit and put your hands on your knees and then jump back out. Somewhere between the bend and the jump my back decided to stop moving. I couldn't stand up straight without pain searing through my lower back. By the time I drove home, I was in tears (I might cry a lot, but never because of physical pain, so that says a lot).

My mom got me into her chiropractor who said the something-or-other joint was too inflamed to work on and instead did some acupuncture. I have a follow-up appointment on Thursday, and for now I'm sitting at home like an immobile loser watching tv. I feel like an old woman!


Alli Jane said...

I have the name of a really great chiropractor/physical therapist/voodoo doctor...he has done wonders for my back-after the car accident it has just not been the same but he has made me feel like my old self again!

Adiel said...

You had me worried all morning! I really hope you're better, but either way, I'll teach routines for you any day! :)

Ashley said...

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