Friday, September 12, 2008

The Hills

I always hear my favorite radio show talk about The Hills, but I had never had any desire to watch the series. My older brother kept pressing for me to catch some episodes, and with the start of Season 4, I've started to follow the lives of these fictional, disgustingly wealthy and beautiful people. Here's are my thoughts. While at first the drama between Lo and Audrina seemed a little too scripted, when you actually break it down, that is exactly how girls are! Yes, this show exposes the drama to an extreme degree, but (and I think this comes from working with high school cheerleaders) the "fake reality show" is actually very realistic. In any event, it's an entertaining way to spend my Monday nights. Lauren is likable, Lo is annoying (and not cute enough to be on this show, btw), while you love to hate Spencer. My general conclusion: The Hills is worth watching.

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Adiel said...

Of all the people in the world, I would never guess you to be pro-The Hills. haha
You crack me up.