Friday, September 26, 2008

So far, SOOO Good!

For those of you who know my family as being Penn State fans, I just wanted to show you that it's basically genetic. This is my uncle's bookcase in his family room, full of Penn State memorabilia. I love it!

For my dad's birthday last night we tried to find somewhere good for dinner. I remembered this place with amazing chicken parm that we had been to last summer when I was here. So that's where we went. The Phoenix is in the middle of this residential area that you don't realize is there until you're in the parking lot. I went for a prime rib sandwich last night--not a bad choice.

After dinner, my dad got the treat of penuche cake made by Carol. For those of you who have never had penuche (which is probably most of you), it's a very sweet, caramel-type frosting. My dad grew up with the treat traditionally on birthdays. Carol was kind enough to perfect the dessert, and my dad thought it looked great.
Apparently he thought it smelled great too...
To make things better, lunch today was from the famous Texas Hot Dogs. Perfection.
As could be predicted, the trip has been a blast so far. My cousin, Kristine, just got in from school and my Uncle Mike just arrived from Kentucky. Let's get this party started!

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Adiel said...

Jealous, I want a vacation and eat delicious food.