Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend Fun

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early to accompany Jess to get her hair done. The original plan was just some highlights, but she had mentioned a few times thinking about cutting her hair, so I worked hard to convince her to go for it. Well, no surprise, I was successful. :) (I can usually get Jessica to take my advice. Admit it pup--it's true!) I forgot to take an "after" picture, but I'll get one soon. Jessica's hair looks INCREDIBLE. It's pretty much the shortest she's ever had it and slightly darker than her natural color. I'm glad she listened to me!

Saturday night was a little party at my parents' house to enjoy the kickoff of the NBA playoffs on the big screen. The entire family was over, which is always a recipe for fun, and our boys made us proud. Does anyone else smell a sweep?

Since my parents are taking my oldest nephew to Las Vegas this week, my mom wanted to make sure that his younger brother didn't feel left out, so he spent the night with us Sunday. We started our night of cards with Uno, which he picked up pretty quickly. Then we played war and eventually ended up with 21. That's right... with my 8 year old nephew. :) I guess as long as you can add, the game is pretty simple. He even acted as dealer for a couple rounds. This morning when I woke up he scarfed down his breakfast and pulled out the cards again. This time I worked on teaching him Egyptian Rat Killer--my all time favorite game. I hadn't played for a long time for some stupid sentimental reasons and it felt good to slap some hands again! My nephew was actually very good once he understood the concept. I started out going easy on him but quickly decided this was one game for which I didn't want to lose my reputation. (I'm pretty much amazing lol). All in all though, it was really fun to realize that my nephew is growing up and you can actually enjoy spending time with him without having to watch cartoons or do otherwise "childish" things.


Adiel said...

I love me a little blackjack! ;)

Pj.steph said...

LOL. That is the picture Jess should have put on her blog. I love foil hair pictures!