Friday, April 18, 2008


I don't know why it's so hard for me to blog consistently now. If it makes you feel any better, this week I didn't even check my email for three days... I'm pretty sure that's some kind of a record.

Classes are over and finals have started. I have my only two finals next Tuesday and should have been making use of this week off to study, but, big surprise, I haven't. I did successfully write all of my final papers in no more than one day's time for each. That's something to be proud of, right? Successfully procrastinating?

Did you watch The Office last night? Neither did I, but I did just watch it online this morning. I'm not one to spoil things so I'll just say this... watch it. :) It's worth it. Oh P.S. for those of you who don't yet know, I'm officially obsessed with The Office. Well, to be more accurate...I'm obsessed with John Krasinski. But can you blame me? I'm also totally addicted to the show; I think it's hilarious.

Big bummer of the week: Billy Ray concert in Wendover was cancelled. :( I was looking forward to a fun trip with some of my family (my first legal one as well since I'm over 21) but I don't really feel like paying for a hotel room now that I don't have the awesome sounds of the Achy Breaky master to look forward to...Lol

Stake Auxiliary Training meeting was last night. That was a very adult experience for me. And a very uplifting one, though I'm fairly certain I'm the only person in any of the Young Women presidencies in the entire stake that's not married... Marriage has been oddly more prevalent on my mind lately, probably because of the recent engagement of a certain one of my "friends." But that's a story for another day :)

Hmm...anything else to update you on? I guess it's becoming more understandable why I don't blog very often right now... nothing is happening! Utah weather is nuts, Yale art students are disturbed, there are a bunch of movies coming out in May that I want to see, and I need a new book to read because I haven't read one in ages. And I think that pretty much sums it up. :)

Enjoy your weekend!


Adiel said...

I can't wait till I can watch last night's office. I probably won't have time to do it until tomorrow at the earliest.

P.S. John is mine so back off! ;)

Josh and Amanda said...

Hey Wendy!! I stumbled on your blog and I am so happy to see all the fun things going on in your life right now. Can I just say that I am obsessed with The Office too! Love it!!