Thursday, April 24, 2008

Jen's Who What When Where Survey

Where is your cell phone? Sitting on my bed
Your significant other? Somewhere out there waiting to meet me!
Your hair? In a greasy pony tail--haven't showered yet :)
Your mother? In Las Vegas for a wrestling tournament
Your father? With my mom
Your favorite thing? What a broad question...I'll go with girls' nights w/ sisters
Your dream last night? I got engaged
Your favorite drink? Dr. Pepper
Your dream/goal? Get married and have a family
The room you’re in? My bedroom
Your ex? Which one?
Your fear? Family member dying
Where do you want to be in 6 years? Married
Where were you last night? My sister's house for dinner and AI. Thank goodness Carly is gone.
What you’re not? Submissive
Muffins? Is anyone else confused by this non-question? Favorite kind? Anything my sister makes.
One of your wish list items? A laptop
Where you grew up? West Valley!
The last thing you did? Coached a cheer practice
What are you wearing? White t-shirt and some blue comfy pants (I think they actually belong to Jen...)
Your TV? A gift two Christmases ago that I LOVE! I love being able to fall asleep to movies
Your pets? 2 dogs. They shed too much and one barks too loud, but I'm forcing myself to like them right now since the family is gone in Vegas and I'm dogsitting.
Your computer? Belongs to my mom... A Dell, relatively new.
Your life? Stagnant
Your mood? Mood? It's good, but bored. And I'm tired...contemplating a nap.
Missing someone? Not really. Is that bad?
Your car? White, bumper-sticker adorned '92 Honda Civic with 306,000 miles! She's my baby. I'm at a crossroads though--do I remove all the bumper stickers in an attempt to make my car (and myself) appear more grown-up? Or do I replace some of the shabby ones with new ones?
Something you’re not wearing? Jewelry
Favorite store? Borders
Your summer? Too busy
Like someone? Am I like someone or do I like someone? I like pretty much everyone. I'm like my sisters and my mom.
Your favorite color? Tough question. Lately? green.
When is the last time you laughed? This morning at practice with Adiel
Last time you cried? I think it was Sunday fighting with my mom
Who will repost this? I don't really even know who reads my blog, so I don't know. If you read my blog, let me know by reposting! :)


Jen said...

Good answers. As long as you don't get the second bumper sticker, I don't care what you do to the Civic :)

Spencer said...

Hey Wendy, I read your blog. :o) It is always good to hear how you are doing. Life is good here--in the middle of check-outs. Don't you miss them? ;o) Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful day. ~ Spencer Fields :o)

Adiel said...

Yay, you laughing at me! I'm a blabbering giggling goofball!