Saturday, April 26, 2008


Yesterday at the High School was the SBO announcement assembly. Since the head cheerleader is considered a Student Body Officer, I was able to participate in the selection interviews and then the assembly. While I'm very excited for next year's squad, the sadness of losing the current squad really hit me yesterday.
Our new head cheerleader (on the right) will do a phenomenal job next year, but I will miss the current one so much (left). There's something unique about this being my first squad. We learned so much together this year, and we really got close. I know the year isn't over yet, so I shouldn't dwell on it, but I really am going to miss her.
These are our four fabulous seniors. They're great girls and added a lot to the squad.
After the craziness of yesterday morning, I spent the night hanging out with Nic and Ashley. We went to Famous Dave's where we ate delicious food, had remarkable service, and Mountain Dew to-go!
Nic likes to prove that he can fit entire things in his mouth, this time being corn on the cob. After dinner we went over to his parent's house where we heard incredibly hilarious stories about Nic's childhood...which explain so much about him. Lol I'm just kidding.
This morning I went downtown with my sister and her Activity Days girls. It was a fun time, visiting the Church History Museum where we saw the new "I Am a Child of God" exhibit. I also ran into a professor I had at the end of my sophomore year. She remembered who I was and even remembered that she had published with me as a co-author in an American West magazine after the course. I do so few noteworthy things in college that it was nice to find out that some of my professors actually remember me.

Now I'm going to find some dinner, sit back, and wait for the Jazz game to start... Dave and Jen are there, which of course I'm jealous about, but I'm also SO EXCITED. I feel good about this game, even if my "sweep" prediction was a little off.



Adiel said...

Go Jazz!

Jen said...

GO Jazz is right!!!! Oh, was it awesome. I cheered extra loud for you.

Thanks for chaperoning with me. It was great and that picture is awesome!