Sunday, November 9, 2008

Simple Sunday

I think God is a football fan. I also think he designed this world to host most college football games on Saturday so that we could use the next day to relax and get over the week's games. :) So far, it's working.

Today while I was at church I started reflecting on all the good things about this week. Adiel used to always do a "Things that made my day" post, and now you can humor me by reading about the things that made my week...

*Re-watching some episodes of Season 4 of The Office
*Tuesday's election results
*My branch manager's explanation of why his wife wants to go to Ireland
*Daddy-o taking me out to dinner Friday night since it was just the two of us home
*Finding a good movie to cry over
*Marie Callender's Chocolate Satin Pie
*Remembering my love of Mae
*Dr. Pepper
*Finding my favorite Maybelline eyeshadow in purple and for under $3

What made your day, your week, or your month? I'd love to hear.

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