Friday, November 14, 2008

Do you want to know how I know I'm getting old? You might have heard me mention my love of the Disney Channel before. If I'm bored, channel 33 is the first one I check to see if I can catch an episode of Hannah Montana, The Suite Life, you name it. Am I embarrassed about that, since I am 22 years old? Nope. It's good, wholesome entertainment. My love of the Disney Channel started about 8 years ago with the series Even Stevens, starring Shia Labeouf. This was him then......and this was him tonight when I went to the movies to see Eagle Eye. Good show, but I was surprised to notice how grown-up Labeouf looks. He's changed quite a bit. And I'd venture to say that the change has been for the best :) Bottom line, I'd recommend the movie. For both the action and the actor.

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Matt said...

its channel 39