Monday, August 25, 2008

Move-in Day

On Tuesday we were able to move Matt into his dorm. Move-in times were assigned alphabetically :) That's when you love to be a Brown. Anyway, as I already mentioned, the whole ISU campus is adorable. Linden Hall is no exception. Yes the dorms are old, but it wouldn't be college without that little aspect, right? Matt's room is huge by dorm standards. Just being in dorms during check-ins, I had flashbacks to my RA days.

ISU employs CA's instead of RA's (Community Advisors and not Resident Assistants), but the whole structure is virtually the same. It was fun to read the dorm's welcome letters and to see signs posted for the mandatory Hall meeting. I strongly encouraged Matt to go to save his CA additional headaches. Oh, and when we got his inventory sheet (to account for any damage in the room at check in), I immediately filled it out and made Matt turn it in. My fellow former RA's will hear me on this. :)

It was fun getting him all settled in, and I think it made him feel like his college experience was finally starting.

Sorry for the poor quality of the video; I took it with my phone.

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Adiel said...

Aw, cute dorm room. That is one thing I've not had a chance to really experience yet sadly.