Monday, August 25, 2008

Missing Things at Home

While I thoroughly enjoyed myself in Iowa, I did miss a lot of things on the homefront. Perhaps the most difficult for me was being away from Cheerleading for so long. I had already felt so far removed from my girls because of how classes and finals and graduation had conflicted with practices, but this trip took me away during the last week of summer when the preparations really begin for football season, including the first football game. It was a big one, too. I was thrilled to hear that the boys pulled out a win and that my girls cheered well. It was still a bit of a mother-hen reaction how sad I got thinking about missing their first game.

I really feel like I need to take time while talking about all of the Cheerleading that I missed to thank Adiel. For all intents and purposes, I haven't been a coach this month. Adiel picked up more slack than she needed to, and I simply can't thank her enough.'re great, Ads.

Another thing I missed was Jessica's first ultrasound. Thank goodness for technology! Jess was able to text me a picture of my future niece/nephew. How cute! He/she is the little white bean-shaped thing at the bottom. And the hands and feet are the two white dots. Yay!

1 comment:

Adiel said...

Aw, I know what you mean about missing the first game....
but big game this Friday! ;)

No thanks needed, I enjoyed the time despite the fact that I miss giggling the the 13-year-olds we were when we first met. I'll be glad to have you back and I look forward to watching you being torn over who to cheer for on Friday. haha

All I can say to Jess' ultrasound is "Awwwww!"
I still can't believe our little sisters are pregnant before us...
...and at the SAME TIME! I guess you and I had better work out the timing for our firsts. Which will probably be in our 30's cos we're single and in no hurry. lol

Okay now I'm just being silly so I'll wrap it up!