Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ames or Bust!: Iowa Chapter

When we left the rest stop, Matt drove until we were out of gas again. We found gas for like $3.44, filled up, and I took over.I drove us into Iowa by late Sunday morning, and it was neat to see the changing scenery. Wyoming was so dull it made me want to break my neck. Nebraska was slightly more varied, being much more green. But it wasn't until Iowa that we started to see some signs of hills. I was surprised that the further we went, the greener it got, and I have to admit that I think Iowa is a pretty state.

It conveniently worked out for Matt and me to meet our parents in Ankeny. They had flown into Des Moines Saturday night and stayed at a hotel. We got to Ankeny in time to change our clothes and go to Sacrament Meeting at the local ward. It was a good meeting and before we knew it, we were on our way to Ames.

I had been taking pictures like crazy of the beautifully blue sky when I decided to take this video of Matt. That's why he's telling me to stop taking pictures at the beginning.
Finally we found ourselves in the cute college town of Ames, Iowa. I love the campus, Matt's dorm room, everything. It's all so...collegiate. :)

All in all, the road trip was fun and immensely easier than I'd anticipated. I look forward to doing it again in May to bring Matt home.


Adiel said...

Cute video. :)
You guys are too cute.

Jen said...

That's awesome.

Makes me think of Field of Dreams.

"Is this Heaven?

"No, it's Iowa"

Jen said...

Here's the link:

BNGINES said...

I liked the video!! I'm glad you guys got there safe. Loved the pictures of the road trip, it was fun to see.