Friday, July 25, 2008

SYTYCD Thoughts

I've been putting this off for long enough, but I finally decided that I couldn't let my sorrow end my allegiance to the show :)

I figure I'll go through with my standard couple-by-couple evaluations and try not to let them be tainted by last night's results show.

Courtney and Will began the show with a Samba. I tuned in about a minute late, but loved what I saw of the routine. They looked good together, they looked good as individuals, and overall I felt like they looked very professional. Their second routine was a "Lyrical Hip Hop" as Napoleon described it. Again, I really enjoyed this routine. Tony, this week's guest judge, mentioned that Hip Hop has become an art form and I've been reflecting on how true that is. Hip Hop is becoming more about choreography and meaning than tricks, while still effectively incorporating those tricks. I think this is especially true of Tabatha and Napoleon's choreography. They're magnificent, as were the dancers performing the routine.

Katee and Twitch were given a Mia Michael's Contemporary. While Mia is my favorite choreographer of all time, and while her genius is always very apparent in her pieces, I definitely like some more than others. This particular routine was well-acted, well-performed, but only came off as mediocre to me. There was nothing wrong with it; it just wasn't my favorite. In the second half of the show, they performed a Broadway routine. I felt very similar with this piece. Tyce is unbelievable, but this piece simply wasn't my favorite. That's really all I can say about it.

Next up was Comfort and Mark with a Hip Hop. I was so impressed with Mark in this routine. I felt like he really shined, and he and Comfort did a good job at performing at the same level as one another. Yes, Comfort did well, but I'm not going to rave about her, which shouldn't surprise you. The biggest thing for me was comparing Tabatha doing the routine in rehearsals with how Comfort performed it...there simply was no comparison. In my mind, Tabatha is the type of Hip Hop dancer you should expect to see in the Top 8. Not Comfort. Second for them was the Fox Trot. I have to admit that I was expecting a lot worse from Comfort. She even remembered to point her toes this week, though she was still less than remarkable. On the other hand, Mark really impressed me again. When he's choreographed, I remember why he's in the competition. His solos don't evoke the same recollection. Anyway, overall I thought the Fox Trot wasn't bad, and I thought the judges were harsher than necessary.

Finally we had Chelsie and Joshua. I thought they were such a fun partnership. Their first routine was a Tango. Chelsie danced beautifully, and I think Josh was very impressive as well. Chelsie always looks good, but when she's in a ballroom routine--really in her element--I am always amazed. The second routine they performed was a Disco, which I also loved. In the beginning they looked really scared of the routine, and you could see such a difference once they were past the lifts. :)

After Wednesday's show, I was so sick of Comfort that I decided to vote as many times as I could for the other 3 girls, which I did. I kept calling until my phone died. Unfortunately, while I felt my time was well-spent when it came time for Comfort to leave, I was heartsick with the results for the boys. When Twitch and Will were put in the bottom two I was not only shocked, but I knew I couldn't be happy either way. I did know I'd be more happy if Twitch was off. I love Twitch, but not even Danny (from last season) compares with Will for me. Unfortunately, Will is gone. I was proud of myself for repressing tears, but I think that was only possible because I wasn't alone and I would have been too embarrassed to cry lol.

As soon as I'm off campus (Youtube is blocked here) I'll post some of his best dances, which also happen to be my favorite routines of the season, so stay tuned for that.

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Adiel said...

Yeah, Will is awesome! He didn't deserve to go home.