Thursday, July 17, 2008

SYTYCD Thoughts

I don't know that I can do this...

Last year was my first exposure to SYTYCD and Neil was my favorite from the first moment. Since he landed himself in the finale, I didn't know just how painful being a fan of this show could be.

I've been told that I'm too harsh on Comfort, but after her ridiculously unearned second chance on the show, I'm not really inclined to ease up on her. Did she look good last night in her hip hop routine, yes. Even I'll admit that. However, Mary nailed it on the head when she made the comment, "If you did every number like you did that hip hop..." Exactly! Lil' C was obviously drunk when he said that she is the dancer that has evolved the most on this show. She doesn't begin to know the meaning of improvement, progress, let alone evolution. Anyone that cast a single vote last night for Comfort should be ashamed. She should have never made it to the Top 20, she most certainly should not have lasted longer than Kourtni and Chelsea, and above all, she is the dancer that LEAST deserved a second chance. If I were Kherington, I'd be looking for grounds upon which to sue her. The fact alone that Comfort has outlasted her on the show is insult enough to be considered defamation of character, right? :)

Anyway, she doesn't deserve any more time on this post, so I'm moving on...

Let's talk about last night's show. Maybe that will lift my spirits.

Joshua and Courtney did a great job at adjusting to each other as new partners. Their Hip Hop wasn't utterly amazing, but it was commendable. And I LOVED their Rumba. They are both such entertaining dancers, although maybe Joshua should get some help choreographing his solos. :)

Mark and Kherington did not do their best, especially with the Country Two-Step. It did look labored, as the judges pointed out. However, I think the judges were unnecessarily harsh about their Jazz. Tyce specified the absence of a storyline and that this was a routine to showcase technique, and that it did! Mark and Kherington are unbelievably talented, and I don't think it was fair for the judges to ask for that "something special" when they did everything Tyce expected of them. I really enjoyed the Jazz, for what it's worth.

Twitch and Comfort's Smooth Waltz: can someone please teach the girl what a pointed toe is? Or maybe the concept of turning out? I know she's only expected to be ONE OF THE TOP TEN DANCERS IN AMERICA, but maybe we could try to improve in those areas. Hip Hop: good, great. Whatever. At this point in the competition, no one cares that you can dance in your own style.

Will and Katee stole my heart yesterday. I think in the past I have been less than complimentary toward Katee because I still held a grudge about her attitude in Vegas. But I have let that go completely. They are simply beautiful. The Broadway routine was so clean and precise it's really kind of hard to believe that it was put together in only a week. I loved it. Now the Pas de Deux...where do I even begin? I cannot remember a single routine that I have ever seen--throughout my entire life--by which I was quite so captivated. The dynamics involved in that choreography were remarkable and the execution of the movement by these two dancers was transcendent. That routine, in my mind, cannot even be categorized with the other numbers on the show. I know I've mentioned my love of several numbers this season, but last night's Pas de Deux is on an entirely separate level.

If Will and Katee stole my heart, Gev and Chelsie were fighting awfully hard to take it away from them. I thought that both their Contemporary and Jive were outstanding. Chelsie is beautiful and Gev is just so versatile. Gev has been a favorite from the start; I find him so lovable.

After the show, I got distracted spending time with my sister and realized all too late that I missed the time slot in which to vote. I had intended to vote repeatedly for Gev, and I was so upset that I missed that chance. Now I stand fully validated for those feelings.

So tonight's results...I can't say I was surprised by the bottom 4, but I was devastated by the announcement of who was going home. Devastated. Poor Gev. :( I was also upset about Kherington, but now I'm just being redundant.

As a few sidenotes, that opening group Bollywood routine was awesome. So visual! Just a great way to start the show. Mia is amazing, even when she is slightly disturbing. :) It's nuts how she does so much with so little. I mean, so much of that routine was done just sitting on the edge of the stage yet there was SO MUCH to it. Loved it. Was anyone else not surprised by the revelation of our "mystery choreographer"? Come on, Nigel. You're not that sneaky. I do have one question, what was with the guys' outfits for their group number?

Also, I think I figured out the cause for my illness (see previous post). I think subconsciously I KNEW just what a horrible turn this week's SYTYCD would take. Lol

Anyway, we'll miss you Gev. You're incredible.

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Adiel said...

When I heard Comfort was back, I said Oh man Wendy is gonna be pissed! Just ask Steph. She is blah.
Moving on.

Katee and Will are my faves, I love Chelsie too.

Yeah, when they said Mystery choreographer, I was thinking whats so mysterious about Nigel? Then sure enough....

Also, I had a feeling that was the cause, I just didn't feel the need to type it out. ;)