Sunday, July 20, 2008

Is This Okay?

Last night (Friday), I went with a bunch of people to see Dark Knight. I was, predictably, excited. I don't want to spoil anything for those of you that aren't part of the "opening weekend" statistics, so I'll just say I wasn't disappointed. :) But that's not why I'm posting.

On the way to the theater I had to stop for gas and I was so excited to realize I had passed my goal of 40 mpg on my last fill-up. I got into a conversation with my little brother about my car. I drive a piece of crap, that's not a secret. But I love my car. In today's economy, how could you NOT love a car that gives you that kind if gas mileage? But what irks me is that over the last few months, more and more people have apparently felt the urge to point out the fact that my car is less than spectacular. Some people even seem to have the right to know when I plan to buy a "real car." I guess I'm just confused by that.

I have a vehicle containing all four wheels, a reliable engine, and seatbelts. Why do I need anything else? Yes, my car has 310,000 miles on it. I'm PROUD of that, not ashamed like some people think I should be. I'm in college with enough income right now to basically pay for me to commute to school. This last week I drove about 650 miles, and my car didn't leave me stranded anywhere. I got where I needed to go (and for a lot cheaper than most of you on the road). So tell me, why must you insult my car?

When I am out of school, engaged in a career, or even starting a family, will I look for something new? I can almost guarantee you a yes. But if I don't feel the need to unnecessarily spend money right now, that's not really any of your business, is it?

Anyway, after my rant to him about people's insensitivities toward the car I love, we went to the show. I came out of the movies on a high. Fun company, great show. Until I got to my car.

You know how side mirrors can click backward in the event of getting hit? Well that's the position my mirror was in, and the mirror is completely gone. We couldn't see any glass around so I guess it's possible that someone stole the actual mirror, but it looks more like it was hit. I just don't understand how someone could be okay with that. We're not talking a little dent added to the many already on the body. My side mirror is gone. You can't drive very safely like that.

So where's the note of apology? The check for ten bucks for a new mirror? Some sign of a conscience? My brother-in-law suggested that someone who "hits and runs," so to speak, would do that regardless of what car they damaged. But my overly sensitive car-owning self feels sure the person dismissed what they did because they had done it to a "piece of crap" car. I'm probably wrong. But still, it's upsetting.

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Adiel said...

I can't believe that people would actually say that to you about your car. How insensitive! That's just despicable that someone would damage your car and just drive away. If I saw someone do that, I'd jot down the license plate number and leave it for the owner of the damaged car.