Thursday, July 3, 2008

SYTYCD Thoughts

The ending credits haven't even begun but I can't stay quiet. I cannot believe the results of tonight's show. I am mad, sad, and so disappointed. This is supposed to be a competition to find "America's Favorite Dancer" and I strongly believe that entails talent. The fact that Comfort is still in the running is ridiculous and insulting to the other dancers on the show. Beyond that, it is a huge insult to Chelsea and Kourtni--two beautifully talented and passionate dancers--that preceded her in leaving the show. I jokingly made the comment last week that if Matt and Kourtni were kicked off the show this week, I would stop watching. Part of me sincerely wants to keep that promise.

When Nigel announced that Kourtni would be leaving, I started bawling. Not like a tear rolling down my cheek by shoulder-shaking sobs. Why? Because she touched me. When she auditioned, I got the chills. When she dances, I see how she combines technique with emotion and am constantly left in awe. I know that as the show goes on, by nature of the process, we begin to see good dancers left behind. But the reason I cannot accept tonight's results is Comfort. Setting aside the fact that she has never impressed me...not once...her solo was pitiful. The solos are set up so the dancers can "dance for their lives" and she seemed to commit suicide. On the other hand, Kourtni once again amazed. All season I've shied away from answering the question of who is my favorite dancer, and I realized all too late that it's been Kourtni all along.

As for the boys, I can't be quite as upset. I definitely like Matt and Gev more than Thayne, but I also love Thayne. So I'm very sad to see Matt leave, but I recognize that it was a lose-lose-lose situation.

I wish there were a way to vote people OFF rather than just to keep them on. I wouldn't stop dialing until Comfort and her unimpressive hip hop were gone for good.

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Adiel said...

Yeah = I'm about as good of a dancer as Comfort. haha