Saturday, March 15, 2008

One word: Magical

Being the only girl in her family, my niece sometimes gets spoiled. Jessica and I are some of the worst in this particular area and when we walked into the Energy Solutions Arena to see hundreds of pink booths selling princess paraphernalia, we couldn't help ourselves! Jess sponsored the Cinderella doll and I the Belle necklace. She seemed to sincerely appreciate both, and at the end of the night I loved when she said "Mom I need to put on my Cinderella dress so I can be a real princess" while holding the necklace up.

Belle, my favorite, was the only disappointing part of the night for me. She was only in one number and the Beast wasn't even a part of it... just her and Lumierre.

One of the best parts of the show was Sleeping Beauty. My niece LOVES her anyway and was looking forward the most to SB and Cinderella, so it was fun seeing her anticipation. But when the Prince fights the HUGE glow-in-the dark dragon that breathes real fire onto the ice, my niece was genuinely concerned about Prince Phillip coming out as victor...

The finale, where the Beast suddenly appears in his Prince costume. Where was that before???

My niece and I both really happy after the show, with equally cheesy smiles.

The girls... I wish Ash and my mom could have been there to make the group complete. Sorry. Jess, for blocking you completely in this picture. Lol

What an incredible night! I was amazed with the talent, and it was so neat to see and hear all of the little girls' reactions when new characters came out on the ice. It opened with Tinkerbell and I was in tears listening to their awe. Don't you just sometimes wish you could be a kid again so you could see the magic in life?


Adiel said...

Looks fun! Great pictures!

I haven't been to Disney on Ice since I was probably five or so....

wes said...

how fun is this?! You girls are all so cute!
Gotta love Disney magic!