Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Latest

I just finished Sisters by Danielle Steel. I hadn't previously read any of Steel's work, though I've always seen and heard her name. This book caught my attention not only because of the title but because the cover illustration shows four women, which I assumed meant the story was about four sisters. It was a difficult option to overlook since there are 4 sisters in my own family.

The book was great, but I don't really care about that right now. Like the women in this book, my sisters are my best friends. I can't say it's always been like that but it is now, undoubtedly. You always hear cheesy sayings about sisterhood, but they obviously originated somewhere. I guess the point of this post is just to say that I love my sisters, unequivocally. They mean the world to me. I could spend hours with each one individually or all of them collectively and never get bored.

I'm in a special situation, being the only girl in the family not married, but most of the time that doesn't seem to matter. Lunch dates, late-night boardgames, text messages, emails, Sunday dinners, General Conference girls' nights...they always seem to have enough time for me. And I don't think there's anything I would schedule over time with my sisters. Maybe that's why I'm still single...I spend too much time with my family and not enough meeting new people. But who cares? My sisters know every ugly detail about my obsessive, sensitive, and sometimes contentious personality, but the bond remains the same.

Jenny, Ashley, and Jessica...Thanks for being my sisters, my best friends, and my constant in life. I love you. I'm sorry for the corny nature of this post, but sometimes things like this just need to be said. :)


Adiel said...

Corny is great Wendy!

jess said...

I love you too! (even though you used some big words! ha ha jk)