Thursday, May 22, 2008

American Idol Finale

As I'm sure all of you know, last night was the season finale of American Idol. I'm a big fan of David Cook's music, but you've got to love David Archuleta--home town boy; sweet, young contestant; clear, beautiful voice. All day yesterday I said I wanted David A. to win but would be happy regardless of the outcome. Well, when Ryan announced David Cook as the winner, I realized I had been lying to myself. I truly believe David Cook would have been fine had he finished fifth or sixth...people heard his voice and knew he would be a rock star. On the other hand, while I'm sure David Archuleta's fans will follow him to the end of the earth, there's just something tainted about knowing he didn't take it all.

I made the comment last night that it seems like whoever we root for, they always come up short. I mean that seriously. Growing up when our hometown high school football team enjoyed an undefeated regular season, they couldn't clinch the school's first state championship in over fifty years. BYU's football team can play their hearts out all season, but they'll never receive a glance as a potential national champion. Need I mention the Utah Jazz? A most astounding comeback at our fingertips and we can't quite grab hold. And now David Archuleta... Utah's golden child, the innocent Murray High student we all knew would make us proud and bring home reality tv's most prestigious honor...and he comes in second.

I know it's easy to focus on the what-ifs and what-could-have-beens, but does anyone else feel this way? When are we gonna catch our break?

Oh well. Tonight marks the beginning of my favorite summertime show, So You Think You Can Dance. That alone will be enough to assuage my Idol disappointment.

***I must put a disclaimer on this post. You all know that my family unceasingly supports Matt in his wrestling and that's one area of our fanaticism that hasn't let us down.***


jess said...

Maybe it's a brown girl curse. Think of Ash and the Spinnies. Also think of Jen and wind. Only her butt made it in!!! lol

Adiel said...


Also, that guy I've been dating, he tried out for So You Think You Can Dance. He texted me earlier today to tell me that Utah is on tonight and to watch to see if he's on there.