Friday, May 2, 2008

15 Things Tag

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3 joys
3 fears
3 goals
3 current obsessions/collections
3 random/surprising facts

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3 Joys:
My niece
My sisters

3 Fears
Never reaching my potential
A loved one dying
One of my cheerleaders getting seriously injured

3 Goals
Become a good student again
Magnify my callings (especially Visiting Teaching... a tough one for me)
Successfully take the LSAT this Fall

3 current obsessions/collections
The Jazz, including Kyle Korver
The Office, including John Krasinski
Lisa Scottoline novels

3 random/surprising facts
My left thumb is shorter than my right
I can never remember how to spell "recommend"
I share a birthday with Elvis Presley

I tag:
3 of my joys (Jen, Ash, and Jess), Alli, and Spencer

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