Friday, July 12, 2013

My Friend, Courteney Cox

In my experience, finding a new tv show to love is as unenjoyable as making new friends. Of course, when I find a new show--or a new friend--I'm all in. I watch every episode. I start to talk like the characters. I tell everyone how great the show is. But those pilots, the initial hangouts, are all but entirely insufferable. You can't really judge a show on its first episode. But do you want to invest the time to watch a second episode if it's not going to go anywhere? It just takes so much energy that I'd rather spend on something I know I'll re-watching Season 6 of Friends for the 18th time.

Believe it or not, until about two years ago, I didn't really watch tv. There were two main exceptions: 24 and So You Think You Can Dance. One went off the air and the other invited Comfort to be an All Star. Tragedies on both counts. But then I came to Law School and I was sucked into the ease of being a tv junkie. Reading used to be my outlet, my escape. But at school and work, all I do is read. Literally. All day long. Read, then write a little about what I read, then read what I wrote, then read more so I can write more. I'm essentially married to Times New Roman, and by the end of the day I'm sick of him.

Most days I come home with a headache, eyes tired of moving across a computer screen, brain strained from searching for the answer to some unanswerable question. So I shut down. I kick up my feet, pet Zipsie, and watch a show. This summer has mainly been about Psych. I fell in love with Shawn and Gus and their ridiculous but wonderful friendship. Most recently, Suzzanne introduced me to Cougar Town. I had heard about the show, but I never had the slightest desire to see it. I'd catch portions of it while flipping through channels and I was annoyed by this weird group of adults playing ridiculous games or just sitting around drinking wine. However, I promised Suzzanne I'd give it a real chance, and four seasons later I desperately want a cul-de-sac crew of my own.  I want to be Ellie, a former attorney turned stay-at-home mom who talks openly about how boring babies are to play with. I want a marriage like Jules, where I can be honest about my need to argue and have my husband accept that. In so many ways, that show is ridiculously over-the-top. Yet in so many ways, it's exactly where I want to be when I'm 40.

I hadn't actually intended to discuss my obsession with Cougar Town in this post. The point was merely to say: I'm out of episodes and I don't know what to do with my Friday night. Any suggestions?

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Melissa said...

I agree about investing in a tv show, it has to be pretty good before I'm going to devote much time to it -- I'm all about commitment (just ask Josh). However, I may have to question your taste after this post. Seriously, 24 -- oh my dull -- and SYTYCD -- wow, ugh -- it's just plain sad to watch good people fall into the pit of sub par entertainment. ;) Hope you can find something good to take the edge off the next semester (love you kid).