Friday, July 26, 2013

"I got to Kansas City on a Friday"

A week ago, Zipsie and I packed up a rental car and made the drive down to Kansas City for the weekend. Good food, great friends, and a fantastic 48 hours.

For dinner on Friday, we went to Grinders. The conversational highlight of the evening was a discussion about the possibility of roadtripping made easier by traveling with a catheter. I suppose that's what you get when you have dinner with a med student.

Saturday was more eating and shopping. We tried out Potbelly for lunch and were all very impressed. Matt and Toby left after lunch while Jen and I hit up the Plaza. My biggest score of the day was at Barnes and Noble. I hadn't been for months (stupid Law School), and they had some of their BARGAIN BOOKS for an additional 75% off! Yes, I bought a brand new book for $1.99.

Saturday night Jen and Matt were off to a dinner for Jen's work, so Zipsie and I relaxed with one of the new books I picked up. (To hear more about that, visit my newly resurrected Book Blog.)
We were all a little disappointed that Jen's dinner ended too late for us to make it to the drive-in as planned, but we made do with just hanging out, enjoying one another's company. 
Sunday we met up with some more friends for brunch at this delightful little creperie, Chez Elle. It was actually my first time having crepes, and I must say--I'm a fan. 

After eating, Jen, Matt, and I drove up to Liberty Jail. It was neat to see something I've heard about my whole life. 

 If anyone knows cute Sister Jacobs from Cedar Hills (I think?), UT, she's doing great!

 Wouldn't it be cool if this wasn't just a replica? ;)

Sunday night, Matt made hamburgers on the grill for dinner while Jen and I caught up on Once Upon a Time. After Matt left, Jen and I watched a few episodes of Psych (to make sure she was hooked) and then I made the drive back up. Because I got into Omaha so late (er...early?), I was unsure how to get my rental car back to the location and find a way back to my apartment. I thought about walking, but I was a little nervous to do so in the middle of the night. I ended up arranging for a taxi to pick me up (Jen's genius idea). I don't know if this will speak more to my LDS, alcohol-free lifestyle or the fact that, lamentably, I've never lived in a big city, but I've actually never taken a taxi outside of my vacation to NYC in high school. It was quick, not too expensive, and I didn't have to wake a friend up in the middle of the night! 

When it comes to having awesome weekends away, I pretty much win.

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Jen said...

That sound like an amazing and full weekend! Nice job on the crepes, seeing Liberty Jail and taking a taxi like a big girl! :)