Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day on the Lake

A group of us had plans to celebrate the one-year anniversary of our first official law school hang out by having a Labor Day bbq, just like we did last year. At first I was upset when one-by-one people started to cancel, leaving only Matt, Jen, and me (my married friends Matt and Jen--not my brother and sister) to hang out. However, we ended up having a wonderful evening. Matt grilled some burgers for us, and then we went out to Carter Lake to fish. My experience with fishing before now was when, for Matt's 5th birthday, our family went to a stocked pond and caught our limit. It was a much more relaxing experience this time around. 
I drive past Carter Lake every time I go to the airport, and I never realized how pretty it is.
Not surprisingly, Jen is a natural.
Here she is with catch 1 of 3 (No, neither Matt nor I caught anything)
Look closely and you can see part of the Omaha skyline through the clearing on the right. I can't believe this place is right outside downtown!
Jen and me
Difficult to take a picture of yourself fishing. This is the best I could do, and this is right before the biggest excitement I had all night, when my line got tangled with a guy fishing next to me.
I was so grateful Jen and Matt were okay with me bringing Zipsie. She had a blast!
We kept fishing until it was totally dark and then headed home.
How was your Labor Day? Did you do anything fun or try anything new?


jess said...

Very pretty. I love that the Zipster went with you. We didn't try anything new, just went to the zoo, but it was still a super fun day!

Jen said...

We tried something new. Mom had us eat on the pation down by the grill. That was different.

I love your pictures and that you got to fish! I have only gone twice (besides the stocked pond) but remember how fun it was.

Jen said...