Thursday, July 5, 2012

Seeing Stars (and Stripes)

My Fourth of July turned out to be a week-long celebration, beginning with the concert at Memorial Park last Friday, and we'll finish up this Saturday at Shakespeare On The Green.

On Tuesday night Suzzanne and I did some window shopping at my current favorite Omaha store, The Afternoon. That place is full of things I think I need, but topping my current wish list is the In My Humble Opinion journal pictured below. Then we made our way downtown and parked a few blocks from the T.D. Ameritrade ballpark where we were able to see their phenomenal fireworks display. I uploaded a video of the finale to Facebook. 

I woke up yesterday after not a lot of sleep but feeling oddly energized. I credit the fact that the Fourth is my favorite holiday. I don’t possess Adiel’s talent with manicures, but I've been known to lack any sort of apprehension when applying eye makeup, and I thought yesterday was the perfect day to try out Too Faced’s Skinny Dip shadow, the one shade that had remained untouched in my Insurance Policy palette. Of course, blue eyeshadow alone doesn’t mean America, it just looks 80’s (especially with my large, frizzy hair that Omaha’s humidity blesses me with). The solution? Add a touch of red eyeliner. It was intense, and I loved it.   
The rest of my day was filled with great food from Ingredient and treats from Trader Joe’s, watching cheesy movies and TV shows, and a bbq/service project at the Institute. It was completely different from any other Independence Day celebration I’ve enjoyed, but that seemed fitting. I was away from family for the first time on the Fourth and in a new place, so it made sense to start my own new traditions in Omaha. I’d like to think that next year I’ll be home enjoying the Magna Fourth of July parade, but if not, another relaxing day watching Jude Law and Kellan Lutz will do just fine.

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