Monday, July 2, 2012

Fly Over States

Hello! What a blur the last two months have been. This summer I have...

kept busy at work

 celebrated the truth of this breaking news story
(okay, hopefully you know this one is a joke)

 had my transmission go out a second time

 enjoyed Omaha's incredible Summer storms

 fallen in love with the TV show Once Upon a Time 
(and started taking stalker pics of guys at airports that remind me of characters from it)

I made a trip home at the beginning of May and was able to:

I made a second trip home a couple weeks ago (because my gracious parents are lending me their car) and got to wake up to this:

I have spent time visiting:

I did the Fourth Omaha style:

And had a fantastic time teaching a lesson yesterday about unity, with a patriotic spin:

 I took a summer class, which ended a week ago. I've missed friends that are home for the summer and made new unexpected friends. My upcoming plans still include another trip home to Utah in July, one to Pennsylvania in August for Matt's wedding, and another to Utah for Adiel's.

The one thing I haven't yet done this summer is find that perfect summer song. You know what I'm talking about. It's usually country, and it just captures the spirit of the summer. So far the closest I've found is Fly Over States by Jason Aldean, and I think it only resonates with me because I'm spending my summer here in Nebraska. So if you have a suggestion for my summer soundtrack, let me know!

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Adiel Cloud said...

You've been all of the places and done all of the things! What a busy summer you've had so far!

Hadley has pretty much made my summer song be Call Me Maybe. ;)