Monday, January 9, 2012

Where I've Been

In the past month, I traveled from Nebraska to Wyoming to Utah to Arizona to California to Utah to Nevada to California to Nevada back to Utah. Plus tomorrow I will once again travel to Wyoming and, finally, to Nebraska. Let me tell you a bit about what I've been doing during my tour of the West...

 I studied for, took, and passed my first round of law school finals
 I was in a pretty major car accident (we're all fine)
 I did a gift exchange with my Omaha BFFs (I had Jen; Kate had me)
 Zipsie and I packed up and left Omaha
 I ate Jen's (my sister's) delicious Pumpkin Roll she had made for my arrival in Utah
  I packaged and delivered neighbor gifts with my parents
 I got awesome Christmas gifts (From Ashley in our sibling gift exchange I got a sweater, earrings, and shoes. From Adiel I got a journal, incredible Cheerleader pen and mega makeup set. From my Dad I got a BYU basketball poster and Christmas decoration. And from my parents combined I got the LDS Pride and Prejudice dvd, a new charger for my Kindle, perfume, two books, an iTunes gift card, toaster, and a crockpot)

I spent a lot of time with Whitney, including 11 hours in the car driving to California (where Tyler is now going to school)

 I saw Southern California for the first time, and I loved it. This is Jess and me at Newport Beach
 I watched Matt take 2nd in the Southern Scuffle
 I played Barbies
 I drove to Carson City to visit Ashley, Nic, and Samantha, where they had a Birthday celebration waiting for me

 I saw Lake Tahoe. One word: WOW

I turned 26 (and made myself feel better about it by constantly reminding Heath he turned 37)
For my birthday, my parents paid for my trip to Carson City and a nice dinner at Olive Garden; my dad got me this adorable BYU pillowpet; my mom got me gift cards to; Ashley got me two books; Jen made knock-off Red Lobster biscuits for my birthday meal, gave me a black pen (long story) and allowed me to make up my own rules while we played Rummy :)

Overall, I had a fantastic Christmas break. I've been packing up and preparing to head back tomorrow, and it's making me very sad. You forget how comfortable home is while you're away, and the prospect of being away from everyone again sort of makes me want to drop out of school and do nothing with my life. But don't worry, I'll resist that least for now!


Adiel Cloud said...

I love this post and I love you! xo

Contact: Ashley Mills said...

Thank you again for making the long drive out here, it meant so much to me. Love you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

KateK_33 said...

Please don't stay in Utah!!! I need you in Omaha! See you soon friend!

wbw said...

Paraphrasing Justice Blackmun, leaving home is easy the first time. It's the times after, when you realize what you're leaving behind, that are the more difficult. But we are very glad you're choosing your law school peers over the comforts of home. See you Thursday.

Jen said...

Wow, what a way to sum up the last three weeks. SO glad you were here. Please get some rest after all that vacationing, now :) Ha ha.

Karen said...

Enjoyed getting to know you a bit better! :) If ever in NorCal, we'll have to hang out!!