Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fun Friday Night

Last night Jen was getting honored by a local firm for her grade in Civil Procedure, so we went to take part in the celebration and let her know how proud we are of her. 
After the event at the law firm, we decided to grab some dinner. A party of 7 has a hard time walking in to restaurants on Friday nights, so we tried (and struck out at) a few restaurants before settling in at the Dundee Dell

After dinner, we decided to hang out at Toby and Glori's apartment. They got a dachshund-corgie mix puppy recently, and we've been trying to find a time to introduce her to Zipsie. So Toby and Glori graciously invited Zipsie to join in on our fun. I went home and picked her up, and I'd say the play date was a success!

There was a lot of sniffing going on. As soon as we thought they were adequately acquainted with one another, the sniffing would start again. Callie is great with other dogs, but Zipsie has a history of disliking a lot of the dogs she meets, so we weren't sure how they'd get along. There were a few tense moments when Callie tried to play with Zipsie and Zips only growled in response, but they spent most of the night sitting by each other and chasing each other around the couch.

 While the dogs played, the humans did the same. As a group, we're fond of games. Word games, card games, getting-to-know-you games, made-up games. So yesterday we combined them all and invented a new game. Each person/couple was assigned a suit, and a card was drawn at random. Whoever's suit was on the card was asked a question by the other three, and the number on the card dictated the type of question asked. For instance, on the 4 of Hearts, the Varons were asked, "Which of the four directions (north, south, east, or west) are you most interested in traveling?" Or on the 5 of Clubs I was asked, "If there was a fire in your apartment and Zipsie was safe outside, what five things would you grab?"

It was a fun game that quickly turned mushy and sentimental, and we all loved it. These people have become my life in Omaha, and sometimes it feels like we've known each other for years. Then there are small things that come up that remind us we've only actually had five months to get to know one another and there's still so much left to learn.

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