Friday, March 18, 2011

My silly sister

You might have seen the result of Jen's talent in creativity a time or two on her blog. I admire her abilities. I even make use of them for myself. (Remember the cute owl pillows that I love on my bed?) She shared this idea with all of us sisters (click on the picture below for the explanation), and I thought--How cool! I love that tote and Jenny is totally capable of making it look just as good. 

Then I re-read her email. She wants us each to get together and MAKE OUR OWN. That's a joke, right?

I'm glad that this motivated me to donate to the relief efforts in Japan, but I think Jen is smoking something if she thinks we're gonna get together and I'm going to sew a tote that will be passable to be used in public.

Should be interesting...


Adiel said...

I love this idea! Do it!

Wendy said...

How about you do it and give it to me for an Easter present