Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I'm not a fan of bird mascots or royal blue. I'm more about navy and large cats. Yet I think I might be okay as a Bluejay.

My whole life I've pictured myself living in some big city on the East coast. I ignore the fact that the mid-West even exists. Yet I'm having fun looking for apartments in Omaha.

I think I want to go to Creighton, but as I told my dad yesterday, I don't know why I feel that way. What I do know is I almost just bought these pants:

And then I remembered I don't have any money :)


Rosalee said...

If you decide to go to Creighton I could introduce you to some people. My best friend lives in Omaha.

Wendy said...

I'll have to remember that when the time comes for me to move

Adiel said...

Oh man I love you Wendelicious!

Melissa DeMoux said...

Maybe you could have your crafty sister help you make the pants when you get together to do the tote.

Wendy said...

Let's not get too crazy :)