Thursday, March 10, 2011


There's a lot of ugliness out there. More than I ever cared to see. For the last two weeks I've been covering the Protective Orders department at the court, and I have heard and read things that I wish I never had. I continue to realize, with increased frequency, what a sheltered life I've led. My naivety had convinced me that most people are good, but lately I've been wondering. There seems to be no end to the shattered homes, dysfunctional relationships, and endangered children. I continually hear stories that seem hard to believe, because they don't fit into my mental framework of how life is or should be. I have always known what it felt like to be loved. I have always felt safe. I have always felt cared about. But not everyone has that luxury.

Some people are in desperate need of someone else's watchful care. I am grateful for the testimony I have that when hate seems the natural course, there is Someone there to teach us love. When all seems lost, there is Hope. When we feel alone, He is there. This whole area of thought, combined with the real prospect of law school I now see before me, has me questioning my view of the law. I've often sided with the accused, because my dad taught me well that everyone, no matter their actions--assumed or actual, is entitled to the protections afforded by the Constitution. However, my dad made the comment, relatively recently, that I "don't want" to do criminal defense. I was confused why he'd say that. I've always talked about doing defense. Then he said I "couldn't handle" it. I was offended. He didn't think I was capable? Finally he said to me that I get too emotionally involved. I wouldn't deal well when a client was sentenced to prison. He said I should think about working with the Guardian ad Litem. I scoffed, saying I had no interest in domestic law.

But lately I've been thinking... My dad is wise. He knows me and my personality. And I have seen with my own eyes the sad truth that there are far too many children out there whose voices are not heard. So I don't know. I mean, I know I should probably start law school before I start making up my mind about such things. But I feel better knowing I have a more open mind than I once did.

Something to think about. I know I will.

(yes, Adiel and Ashley, that was intentional. Lightens the mood, don't you think?)


Adiel said...

This is why I love you! You are such a well-spoken, brilliant, and witty person. I think you will eventually end up where you need to be.

Talisha said...

I really liked this post. It's made me feel sad that I've put my son in such a position as far as the custody battle we've been going through. It breaks my heart to know that this could've been avoided but like you I'm grateful for the gospel. I always lean towards wanting to feel guilty or sad for myself but know that it will not change the results of what has been. In the end it's not about me and should have never been. All I can do is own up to my mistakes and realize if I continue to show my son there is a happier way; the Lord's way then he will know great joy. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Wendy said...

Thanks Adiel and Talisha for your comments. Talisha, your son is lucky to be in a loving family, which is the most important thing. He is lucky to have you.