Friday, January 28, 2011

Do Worms Hibernate?

I'm wondering about book worms, particularly, for my purposes.

I had been in a really great habit of reading. Habit, hobby, whatever. But then suddenly I hadn't finished a book for two months. How did that happen? I'm going to blame it on the weather. My drive to read went into sleep mode I guess. But then something great happened...

For my Modern Africa class, we were assigned to read Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart. Something you should know about me: I never finished assigned books. Ever. I have this little problem where when people tell me to do something, I want to do the opposite. In my entire undergraduate career, I can remember three books that I actually finished--Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant, Love, and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. They were all for the same Lit class (one of only a handful of classes that I ever got an A in). I guess I should have learned then that when you read the assigned material, you do better in class. But I'm a little dense in the "Learning Lessons" department.

Anyway, this particular book had been assigned in at least two previous classes--maybe three now that I think about it. I never bothered to read it. But this semester I thought it would be fun to stop ignoring the fact that I'm a semi-intelligent person capable of excelling in school and actually do some homework. So I read Things Fall Apart.

     1. It always feels good to finish a book, especially when you haven't for awhile.
     2. I can see why this book is required reading for several classes.
     3. Class is so much more invigorating when you're prepared! I even made comments and answered questions.

Yesterday I grasped onto a small reminder of what it's like to be a good student--something I haven't experienced since high school. And I liked it.

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