Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day Twenty-four

I'm opting out of this post. Too personal :)

But how were your New Year's celebrations? I sprained my ankle late Thursday night, which has been a bummer. But I've still enjoyed a good weekend. Jess took care of me Friday, taking me to the doctor and driving me to lunch and shopping with friends (thank you). New Year's Eve was spent with Ash and her in-laws. I got to watch them all play Dance Central on the Xbox Kinect. That seems like such an awesome game, and I can't wait until my ankle is better so I can try it out!

If only Penn State had pulled out the Outback Bowl... *sigh*
Adiel's niece with my niece, becoming BFF
The two babies with their babies
Sugar after a long day with a not-so-long nap
Sammy this morning as we drove to Jessica's to watch the game.
Her animals had to watch Spirit with her, of course. :)

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Adiel said...

Ah! Love the pictures!