Monday, November 29, 2010

Warming up to the idea?

Zipsie was born in Las Vegas. When I picked her up in February, it was at least 60 degrees down there. We came home to frost on the ground, but last winter was definitely a mild one. When we'd get rain or snow, Zipsie would pull backward on her leash, refusing to go outside. When I would finally get her outside, she'd tip-toe around (as much as dogs can tip-toe) and then run back inside as quickly as she could.

Last night we got a TON of snow. A good old-fashioned Utah winter. This morning, you would have thought I had a completely different dog. She charged right into the snow to do her business, started galloping around (yes, galloping), and then began digging tunnels. I finally had to drag her inside to avoid being late to work.

At least one of us is excited about the snow.

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