Saturday, June 20, 2009

Week in (long) Review

I know you'll all be heartbroken, but I'm still waiting on a recording of SYTYCD, so you'll have to wait for my thoughts until later :) But I did want to update you on my fun and event-filled week.

Last Sunday Matt gave his farewell talk in church. There was a great turnout and I was especially grateful for my friends who came to support me by supporting him. (I'm sure there's a better way to phrase that, but meh!) He did a great job, which is no surprise, but it also helped me see him for as mature and prepared he is. I know the fact that he's leaving will hit soon enough, but for now I am just so excited for him and this wonderful opportunity he's about to embark upon. Not to mention the excitement I feel for the people of Mozambique who will soon get to enjoy his company!

An additional fun spot of the farewell was having my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Dennis in town. My aunt tells me I don't blog enough. I tried explaining that I don't yet have the internet at my apartment, but she wasn't accepting that as an excuse :) So, I will try and blog more frequently. Just for her.

The next day was a rare Monday when I got off early from work, which worked out well because when Adiel moved she left me her bed, and her family was planning on being at her old place Monday afternoon to pack stuff up. It was crazy trying to coordinate everything with so many people through texts, but eventually my brother and brother-in-law took care of everything for me and now I've made the spoiled move from sleeping on a twin bed to living on a king. :) I'll post picks when I get all of my bedding bought.

I'm being verbose and we're not even at the week's halfway point! I'm realizing that the best thing about how busy the musical is keeping me is the fact that it brings me within a mile of Jen's house 4 times a week. And she's so hospitable! Whether it's letting me run in to use her bathroom, feeding me dinner, or just letting me sit down and get off my feet for a few minutes, I have thoroughly enjoyed the increase in time I've been able to spend with her the past two weeks. Additionally, rehearsals for the musical are going well. Sometimes I can't read the director well enough to know if my choreography is what she was invisioning, so I spend a lot of time second-guessing myself. As comfortable as I feel choreographing, this Musical Theater is a whole new world, but one that I'm quickly learning to enjoy.

With the birth of Jen's 5th child and only 2nd girl, I was afraid that I would start to let my relationship with Princess slip because of the novelty of Rosebud. But I think I've been so focused on keeping that from happening that I over-compensated and left my nephews behind. As a result, I've set a goal to start spending more one-on-one time with them, and it seemed logical to start at the top. Thursday I got off work early again and had set up a date with my oldest nephew. A few years ago I took him to the City Library for his birthday and had so much fun because we both just lose ourselves around books. I needed to get another LSAT prep book from Barnes and Noble and I invited him to come with me. As soon as we walked in the door, he said "The library and Barnes and Noble, or any bookstore, are my favorite places to be." Ah... kindred spirits :) After buying a few books, we finished off the evening with dinner at IHOP.

As happy as I've been to spend more time with Jen's family because of the musical, I've really been missing Ashley and Jess and their newest additions. Thursday's rehearsal ended "early" (closer to 9:15 than 10) and I was thrilled when I called and Ashley and Nic were still awake. I drove up and saw their baby for the first time since Sunday! She's so adorable and miniature! Even though it was a short visit, it felt so good to see them.

Friday was an extremely busy day at work, and then I left straight after getting off to drive down to Jessica's house. We shopped and then watched Fired Up. That is definitely a "teen" comedy, but I thought it was hilarious! If you know the cheerleading world at all, this movie is ironically accurate. I don't think Ty got what was so funny, but Jess and I spent the full 2 hours laughing hysterically.

Now I need to go get ready for family pictures! That should be an interesting ordeal :)


Adiel said...

I'm heartbroken! I need your SYTYCD review! I took notes this week so I could compare with you! ;)

I'm excited to see what bedding you get. Check out TJ Maxx and Ross for good deals!

demoux family said...

You are definetely keeping busy. Hope you get a breath in sometime soon. Glad to hear you are doing well.