Wednesday, June 24, 2009

SYTYCD Thoughts

To save time, I'm just blogging while I watch tonight's episode of SYTYCD that my roommate was kind enough to record. I'll be typing fast, so please excuse the grammar and spelling. And if you need clarification just ask :)

Karla and Jonathan
Dave Scott—Hip Hop
*He looks so awkward! But she's doing really well.
*They seem disconnected as a partnership. Like 2 separate people dancing.
*Don't love the choreography either, not very original. Either use the hats as a prop or don't
*Partner work, like the lean, looked really forced and difficult and SAFE.

Judges...Nigel-I agree completely. Mary-ditto. Toni-Oh boy. This lady is a weirdo. I remember her from past seasons. She has an odd way of phrasing things but I still agree.

Asuka and Vitolio
Mandy Moore—Jazz
*Mandy just said, “thrash rocker jazz”... I'm excited!
*Really beautiful straddle lift at beginning to start off with
*It's good...not great. But good.
*The straddle again!
*Synchronization in floor work a little lacking
*Awesome jump Vitolio!
*All the lifts were great

Nigel-A little too enthusiastic, but true. Mary-There we go! I agree with her. Thanks for pointing out their off timing and proving me right. :) Toni-I agree about their potential.

Melissa and Ade
Tony Meredith—Rumba
*Wow she's wearing like nothing
*I don't know how to critique rumbas. They bore me.
*I take that back! Holy leg back extension turn under thing! That was unreal.
*I struggle with ballroom, but I really like these two. And this routine was a pleasant surprise!

I'll just trust the judges on this one.

Janette and Brandon
Dave Scott—Hip Hop
*Let's hope this is good because I love these two
*Much more creative than Scott's last one.
*Love how Brandon looks like he could just be walking down the street in that outfit
*I LOVE the coordination of the moves while keeping the two styles obvious
*Definitely a fan

Nigel-Yeah, Brandon really was impressive. Mary- Stop using the phrase, “Yes I do.” But I agree with the point you're making. Toni-Right on about the juxtaposition. And I remember this lady likes the term “street.”

Kayla and Kupono
Jon Marc Genereaux—Vienese Waltz (I have no clue how to spell his name or this dance)
*Another one of my favorites coming up with Kayla but Kupono is bugging me.
*Really pretty, I always like Jon Marc's choreography
*She looks weightless in the lifts
*I really liked it! I wish it were longer.

Nigel-I agree, it was very beautiful. But I disagree, I would stand up and cheer. Mary-Yes! Believable is the word I was looking for. Justly deserved Hot Tamale Train appointment. Toni-Stop talking.

Randi and Evan
Mia Michaels—Contemporary
*Thank goodness she got rid of at least one shoe. She looked like she was having trouble walking.
*Oh and there goes the other!
*Evan is a man of many talents.
*They look like they're both off their center or something, although I like the routine
*I feel bad saying anything negative about a Mia Michaels routine, but it wasn't my favorite.

Nigel-Really? I didn't think that it was that beautifully danced. Although good point about how the simple “butt” idea leads to the possibility of many different stories in the viewers' minds. Mary-They weren't that terrific. They ARE terrific dancers, but they could have done better with this routine. Toni-Heck yes you'd be hoping to pull Mia's name. Can you imagine working with Mia Michaels? Although she's wearing weird glasses tonight.

Caitlin and Jason
Jean Marc & France Genereux--Pasa Doble (at least I can spell the choreographer this time around since they put it up on the screen!)
*I absolutely love her
*Look at that step up onto his knee!
*This is such a powerful form of dance
*Some of the footwork is a little sloppy
*All their lifts are phenomenal though.
*I think I only liked this because I like these dancers so much. I kind of think they could have done better.

Nigel-I see what you mean about Jason's performance and the connection between them. Mary-I hate agreeing with Mary because she's so annoying, but I do. Toni- “Lived with the music” what an interesting phrase.

Jeanine and Phillip
Tyce Diorio—Broadway
*I'm really not looking forward to this. I don't like Phillip
*I keep forgetting I can fast forward through these commercials lol
*You can always count on Tyce for entertainment
*Phillip is holding his own.
*I've never noticed Jeanine before but she's a pretty dancer.
*That was a fun routine

Nigel-That's so funny that he made Phillip show his ripped pants! That's some very honest advice for Phillip, though he did do better than I was expecting. Mary-Her little sayings are so ridiculous. She wasn't allergic to the routine? Yet again though, I find myself agreeing with her. Toni-Also some good comments.

Wrap-up: I wasn't overly impressed or touched by any one routine tonight, but my favorites were probably Janette & Brandon, Melissa & Ade, and Kayla & Kupono. Least favorite routines were Karla & Jonathan and Randi & Evan, although I'd be happy if Phillip and Asuka went home tomorrow.

I'll give you my reaction after Thursday night's results.

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