Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Creative Still

So the Holiday Craft Frenzy hasn't ended. Over Thanksgiving, for example, my sisters and I endeavored to make ourselves some scarves. Yes, as in trying to create something you're supposed to wear. Jen insisted it was easy, and in retrospect perhaps it was. But I still hold that I wasn't thoroughly informed as to what I was getting myself into. However, after 150 hours of cutting strings of yarn (that were invariably much too long or much too short) and nearly cursing every 32 seconds, I ended up with a scarf that's not too shabby.

I'm perplexed as to what exactly is the best way to photograph a scarf, though. My first thought was my bed, but the black sheets weren't showing off the black scarf. So I pulled out my white blanket but I still don't know that you get the whole picture. Then I tried to go close up while wearing the scarf and that didn't work well either. I stopped short of wrapping myself completely in the scarf ("I am ashamed at your naked face. I must cover it with my jacket. You are now sexy in your culture.") but hopefully you get the idea.Then, for the YW activity I was in charge of on Tuesday, we made Christmas display plates. All of the young women's turned out better than mine. That's embarrassing.
But I still hold that this season's greatest stroke of creative genius came while Adiel and I were choreographing Tuesday night. The creativity wasn't necessarily displayed in the routine we came up with but rather our process in creating the routine. Allow me to explain. I have always drawn up formations with x's on paper. On Tuesday I wanted so badly to be able to watch the x's move and follow specific x's through the different formations, when suddenly Adiel pulled out a bottle of vitamins. Lol after numbering each, we were able to visualize those formation changes perfectly!


Pj.steph said...

The Office! hehe. That made me giggle. You gotta love it. You're scarf looks lovely and I think the array of pictures as a whole show it off nicely.

Adiel said...

I love The Office reference and I love our choreographing creativity!