Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Going Well

Sometimes when I find myself with an unnecessarily negative attitude I find it helpful to remind myself of all the things going well in my life. So tonight you all will be subject to my creating such a list...

I'm glad that
*there will be new babies in our family this winter
*I talked to Matt on the phone last night
*there always seems to be another good book to read
*angel hair pasta, spaghetti sauce, and chicken patties can make such an easy and tasty dinner
*when David googled "Penn State vs. Illinois Game" he found my blog
*I have sisters who own sofa beds
*it's cold outside
*Nic's favorite movie is Goonies and not Ghostbusters
*I get to be in the YW presidency
*Penn State has continued its historic season
*I don't live with any Utah fans
*some musicians can still write personal and powerful songs
*I have money in my savings account again
*I get to go to sleep now!

1 comment:

jess said...

You have a problem living with me?