Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I try and save these posts for Wednesdays (middle of the week and all that jazz), but I couldn't wait. Today has just been too awesome!

Awesome things today!
Getting videos of my niece dancing. She's got her dad's coordination and her mom's creativity, which makes for some pretty awesome moves

Reading Exodus 14:13 in Institute , "Fear ye not, stand still, 
and see the salvation of the Lord..."
Randomly catching the below tweet on a friend's Twitter feed, which I found hilarious
Nodding off in Legal Research--In the second row. 
Clearly visible to the professor--and not caring
Getting an email from Jameson
Still laughing over my post on Facebook and Twitter yesterday 
(and I'd like for you to weigh in):
Do you or do you not think Bo Pelini looks like the guy from Ratatouille?

Common theme: Making myself (and Kate, I think) laugh throughout Civil Procedure
Great Con Law review session with helpful memorization tactics:
Making plans for this weekend when it's only Tuesday
Eating leftovers for dinner because I actually made a real meal last night
Remembering I had a bottle of Dr. Pepper in the fridge
Changing into sweats and slippers as soon as I walked in the door
Realizing that a November with an average daily temp of 56 degrees is what my elementary teacher taught me was a season called Fall
Catching my birthday time

Did you have anything awesome happen today? Please share!

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Adiel Cloud said...

I agree, all the boys coming to the yard is specifically why I no longer make milkshakes.