Saturday, October 22, 2011

News from Magna

While I was home this week I mentioned to Jenny that I wished I would be around for The Empress Gala, which was last night, because I wanted to see if I won best choreographer. Of course, I was joking. My experience with musical theater is so limited, and Oklahoma! was only the third show I've ever choreographed. There are so many talented people that devote their time to that theater, and I really miss them. I particularly miss Nanny, who directed the shows I choreographed and became a good friend. I was thinking about her this morning, so I sent her a quick email. I just got her response, which included the following:
I wanted to tell you this differently... but now is as good a time as any.  I would like to relay a portion of last night.  I was gonna ask Kev to record it... but in the melee of things.. I neglected to do so.

The Empress Theatre Best Choreographer 2011: Wendy Brown for Oklahoma!

"I have worked with Wendy on several different plays - starting back with Once Upon A Mattress.  Unfortunately, her Mom has made her leave us and attend Law School back in the Dakotas, or Nebraska, or someplace in Tornado Alley.  So - we have lost a great choreographer until she returns.  I was so excited to work with Wendy again for Oklahoma!  I think the best part was telling her she had a 13 minute dream ballet to choreograph.  Now, there were those who told me to cut that portion completely, or shorten it - But I personally felt that something like that gave our choreographer a time to really shine.  And she did not disappoint.   The whole show was choreographed so beautifully, and the dream ballet was certainly one of the highlights.  Wendy worked with a ballerina, and Jeremy on the pas de deux and the fight sequence and strung everything together into a captivating part of the show.  I am happy to except this for Wendy tonight - mostly cuz I didn't win an award tonight - but also because she couldn't be here... I don't think she could justify flying back here for the gala - though I am sure she would have loved to. Thank you"
Nanny's words are too kind. I'm still in shock, but I'm also so happy and so grateful. What a great opportunity it was to be a part of that production.


Adiel said...

Yay yay yay! I'm so happy for you! I wish I could have seen your work! Does anyone have it recorded?

Jen said...

Super well deserved!! You're the best and I'm so glad to have watched that ballet many, many times.