Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Admit: I'm Addicted

Jessica just called me to make plans for a SYTYCD party. The whole time we were talking she kept asking, "What's wrong with you?" or "Why are you mad?" or "What happened?" I just kept saying nothing, because nothing was wrong. Well, nothing that I immediately realized. Then we hung up, I got back to work and was being productive. Then my iPod binged because it was my turn on Words With Friends, and I got angry. I had to evaluate why I was feeling that way and eventually realized it was because I was losing a certain game.

At this point, you need some background. I'm honestly not a poor sport. Most people I play just for fun, and I don't really mind if I win or lose. But several months ago, my niece was playing with my iPod (yes, the 2 yr old) and she somehow got into WWF and started a game with a random opponent, one Dale Swinhoe. He KILLED me. It was kind of surprising because I don't often lose WWF, and when I do it's usually not a slaughter. I hadn't been paying much attention to that game, because I didn't even know who the opponent was and the only reason I didn't resign is because, well, I don't resign. Anyway, I was angry that I had lost as badly as I did, so I rematched. It took me several tries before I could beat this guy even once. He's much better than I am, but with time I've gotten better and now beat him about one of every three games or so (or who knows? Maybe he just lets me win every once in awhile to appease me).

The thing is, I'm so competitive when I'm playing him. I get angry when I do poorly and way too excited when I win. This was our last game:

But this is our current game:

I just can't do a thing and he's KILLING me. And that, I realized, is why I'm in a bad mood. So Mr. Dale Swinhoe, whoever you are, bravo for having so much power over my daily moods haha. But for anyone else that wants to play, my username is Wendeebee :) And in my eyes, you can never have too many Words With Friends games going at once! I'm seriously addicted to this game...

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Adiel said...

You are my absolute favorite!

You must adore playing with me cos you always kill me! I feel bad cos I can usually only play 2 of my 13 games a day before I get bored or run out of time. ha I'm always so behind!